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Auto Meter : 6881 5" Ultimate - Tachometer With Data Acquisition Playback - Dual Channel - 9,000 RPM - Black Finish

Four Recordings including Pre-Race and Burnout with Built-in Intelligence, 20 second Burnout, unlimited Pre-Race, and 20 second Run recordings. The burnout is triggered by an adjustable RPM threshold.The burnout recording stops when the RPM goes below this threshold.In between Burnout and Launch a "Sliding Window" automatically eliminates all unnecessary data until 2 seconds before the launch. You will never runout of recording, as there is no limit to the gap between burnout and Launch.
  • Four Stage Shift Light features four shift points for optimum control. You can now dial in on the anticipated RPM rise for each individual gear. This will increase consistancy and guard against unnecessary RPM spikes. Short Shift protection ensures that if you happen to short shift, the tach knows to activate the next shift point.
  • 100 samples per second provides the smoothest playback possible. This also means you have .01 second accuracy on the LED time clock during playback. Never before has a playback tach had this precise a sampling rate.
  • Tach-Facts Software enables the recorded run to be directly downloaded to a laptop or computer for anscreen analysis of engine, driveshaft, or engine to driveshaft ratio. Included with Ultimate II, Available directly from Auto Meter for use with single channel Ultimate models.
  • Dual Channel models record both engine and driveshaft RPM which allows you to analyze torque converter / clutch performance, tire slipage or shake, shift points and more. Playback can be paused at any point on the LED clock to allow you to toggle between engine, driveshaft, and engine to ratio for direct comparison with the Tach-Facts software. This data can be analyzed down to 1/100th of a second.

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